Let's write as if nothing before has been written!

Gavin Bourke

      Gavin Bourke grew up, in the suburb of Tallaght, in West Dublin. Now living in County Meath, he holds a B.A. in Humanities, from Dublin City University, an M.A. Degree in Modern Drama Studies and a Higher Diploma in Information Studies, from University College Dublin. His work broadly covers, nature, time, memory, addiction, mental health, human relationships, the inner and outer life, creating meaning and purpose, politics, contemporary and historical social issues, injustice, the human situation, power and its abuse, absurdism, existentialisms, human psychology, cognition, emotion and behaviour, truth and deception, the sociological imagination, illness, socio-economics, disability, inclusivity, human life, selfishness and its consequences, as well as urban and rural life, personal autonomy, ethics, commerce, science, grand schemes and the technological life, in English and to a lesser extent, in the Irish Language. He has participated in many national and international poetry competitions, with both single poems and book-length collections, winning some and being shortlisted and/or highly commended in others. He has been published internationally in various literary journals and has participated in literary festivals. Gavin is also a multi-instrumentalist and has been a songwriter and composer for the past thirty years.