Let's write as if nothing before has been written!

Alam Sayed

     Alam Sayed is a bilingual poet, essayist and translator from Bangladesh. Born in November 2, 1983. He graduated from University of Dhaka. Though his Bengali poems and articles have been published in various literary magazines and he has been writing for long, he started writing in English only recently. He regularly contributes to different open online poetry sites. Writing is not a hobby to him and he thinks it should not be so. It is like the blood in his veins. It is a way to converse with his own soul and the souls of other human and nonhuman beings. He is currently teaching at a college and resides in Maheshkhali, an island in the Bay of Bengal. His poetry is evocative and philosophical in nature but at times it can be “frighteningly realistic”. He is deeply concerned about environmental pollution and unbridled capitalism. However, he refuses to buy into a fixed belief system.