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Bharati Nayak

      Bharati Nayak,born in the year 1962 ,is a bilingual poet,critique and translator from Odisha,an Indian State lying on its eastern coast. She writes in English and Odia.Her poems have been published in many magazines,journals ,anthologies and e-books of national and international repute such as Rock Pebbles,Orissa Review,Utkal Prasang,Creation and Criticism,Circular Whispers,Nova Literature-Poesis,PoetryAgaist Terror, 56 Female Voices of Poetry,,The Four Seasons Poetry Concerto,Tunes From the Subcontinent,Amaravati Poetic Prism,Bhubaneswar Review and the like.She has published three poetry books- 1-Padma Paada(A poetry book in Odia language) 2-Words Are Such Perfect Traitors 3-A Day for Myself