Let's write as if nothing before has been written!

Brandon Bennett

      Dear Editor(s): I am a 26-year-old emerging writer, carving my own quirky literary path somewhere at the intersection of spirituality, nature, science fiction, and dreamscapes. Shamanism fascinates me. I find in its practice a way to walk side by side with spirits and nature. Writing is my way of making sense of living in a material world that alienates me. A native Angelino, I make many pilgrimages to the desert regions of southern California where I study the infinitely varied species of cacti. These pilgrimages culminated in a 200-page book of poems and short stories entitled One Tribe, One Feather. One Feather is a fictional Shaman anti-hero who, like his author, finds equilibrium by turning to the natural world, and the sometimes light, sometimes dark spirits that animate it. The attached 4 poems are excerpts from the book. In them, One Feather wears various disguises: the nomad, the old rocker, a seven-year old girl, and myself—the poet. I believe these poems will appeal to those who live in the world with a faint glint of madness and turn to nature and spirit for solace and nurturing. I would be honored to share them with your readers. Sincerely, Brandon Bennett branben26@gmail.com