Let's write as if nothing before has been written!


     This is Rajat Ghosh. He was born in a village named BALINDAR, about 70 km west from KOLKATA. It is in the district of BURDWAN, WEST BENGAL, INDIA. He has completed The Master of Arts (M.A) Degree in English Literature and Culture Studies from The University of Burdwan. Now he is teaching in a Govt. Primary School. He said, " I started writing poetry in my mother tongue Bengali when I just started my English honours. One day, one of my respected teachers, SK NURUL HUDA, a poet and a regular contributor in poemhunter.com, asked me to write in English. Through his inspiration and guidance I, for the first time, wrote my first English poem, BLACK INK; ABOVE DEATH . Further, I do believe that I am not a poet. I am one who has just started to express my feelings in words. For me, poetry is nothing but a painting of feelings in words"