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Richard Krause

     Livingston Press published Richard Krause's first collection of short stories, Studies in Insignificance. Unsolicited Press published his second collection, The Horror of the Ordinary, and will publish Crawl Space & Other Stories of Limited Maneuverablilty in 2021. He has two books of epigrams, Optical Biases published by Eyecorner Press in Denmark, and Eye Exams published by Propertius Press. In 2012 seventy of his epigrams were translated in Italian at an international website for aphorists, aforsticamente@wordpress.com. He is one of eleven Americans represented. In 2018 his prose poems appeared in Courtship of Winds, and Offcourse. Krause lived for nine years in Japan and drove a taxi in New York City for five years. He currently lives in Kentucky where he is retired from teaching at a community college.