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John Marks

     John E Marks. born, lives and works in Manchester, UK. John is the father of five grown up children and grandfather of three; he retired from the Open University in 2017. He taught Linguistics and History. His first collection, "Sound Bites" was published by ENVOI, 1992; "Lifting the Veil" was published, by New Hope International, in 1997; "Shadows and dust" and "A Waste of time" were both available from Amazon, published in 2017. John enjoys reading novels and poetry, , watching snooker, following cricket, travelling, craft beer, music and good company. I am sorry to tell you that my good companion, Charlie, my 12 year old black Labrador, died on the 7th May 2020. I was with my friend when he took his last breath. I was, and remain, heart broken. John advocates for the cause of the Ezedi people of northern Iraq too many of whom were murdered and enslaved by Daesh barbarians in an attempted genocide against the Ezedi people, beginning in August 2014. Their suffering continues.