Let's write as if nothing before has been written!

Joshua Fullman

     Joshua S. Fullman is a professor, editor, and poet. He frequently finds himself teaching a variety of subjects from aesthetics to film to the novel, wondering why in the world someone would pay him to do what he loves. When he’s not teaching or writing, he is working on home improvement projects or travelling, hiking Civil War battlefields and the Scottish highlands. In his writing, Fullman is always seeking ways to combine his passions of creativity and medieval literature and history. It is in the past, he believes, both real and imagined, that the deepest which has been known and thought about the world can be re-discovered. The narrative makes sense of a local past, and what passes into myth transforms into a shared past, the collected consciousness for all cultures and peoples. It is for us, the living, who through art can help make future generations know who they are and what they can become.