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Mary Shanley

     Mary Shanley is a poet/storyteller living in New York City. She has had four books of poems and stories published; they are: Hobo Code Poems, Vox Pop Publishing, Mott Street Stories and Las Vegas Stories, Things They Left Behind and Poems for Faces, Side Street Press. She is a frequent contributor to online and print journals; a few examples:Long Shot Journal, Mr. Beller^s Neighborhood, StepAway Magazine, Anak Sastra Asian Journal, Hobo Camp Review, Shangri-la Shack, Flagler Review, Garbanzo, Edge, Tahoe Writer^s Conference, Writing for Our Lives, Tell Us A Story, Blue Lake Journal, Poydras Review, Gloom Cupboard, This Zine Will Change Your Life, Underground Voices, Haunted Waters, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Literary Heist, Mobius, Modern Literature, Visitant Literary Journal, Blaze Vox, Indicia Journal, Metaworker, Ginosko Literary Journal.