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Jayanta Bhaumik

     Jayanta Bhaumik is from Kolkata, India, a Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc. He has published a book on the logical aspects of Metaphysical understandings in 2018 ("Remodel Your Soothsayer", available on Amazon). A wide-range traveller, he spends a time in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. Taken part in very many astrological and therapeutic projects and workshops in India and abroad. Spent much time in several Buddhist Monastic Meditative Programmes. He is still working on the Buddhist Surrealism, after visiting as many as sixteen spots in Thailand, the country he has travelled five times. Fallen in love with the serenest Himalayan ranges, the Laotian beach, the Indonesian Peninsula, the lagoons in The Philippines. Poetry is his Quest, his passion and world of experiments. His works can be found in the past or upcoming issues of Poetry Superhighway, Zombie Logic Review, Merak Magazine, Pif Magazine, Pangolin Review, Better Than Starbucks, PPP Ezine, Poppy Road Review, Mad Swirl, Vita Brevis Journal, Cajun Mutt Press, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Everything in Aspic, Scarlet Leaf Review, Juked Magazine, and others.